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Friday, July 12 2019:
Public Day on Degrowth of Aviation and on a Just Mobility and Tourism

The conference starts on Friday at 4pm in Can Battló.

Friday’s events are open to the public and focus on cooperation with local movements in Barcelona against mass tourism. The problems of mass tourism in hot spots like Barcelona are closely interconnected with the demands for reducing flights.

On Friday afternoon, several workshops will be offered. Find the workshops here:

In the evening, we will hold the opening panel discussion, with keynote speaker Yayo Herrero (anthropologist and ecofeminist activist), as well as Gabriela Vega Telez (indigenous Mexican activist, online keynote). The panel will include representatives from Stay Grounded, the Degrowth research community and local movements in Barcelona. The goal is to highlight where the different struggles and approaches link with each other, and identify potential common fields of political action.

Saturday, July 13 2019:
Concrete Measures to Reduce Aviation (only open to registered participants)

On Saturday, the conference program starts at 9 am with two keynote talks on: the concept of degrowth (Filka Sekulova, ICTA); and the barriers to tackling aviation growth (Professor Stefan Gössling whose work focuses on tourism, transport and climate science).

Saturday’s main focus will be intensive working group sessions, with scientists and activists from all over the world discussing strategies to degrow the aviation sector. Find here a more detailed description of the methododology used.

In the afternoon, the outcomes of the working groups will be compared and discussed.

Sunday, July 14 2019:
Getting active

On Sunday morning, we will take the message from the conference onto the streets. There will be a creative action in Barcelona, more information will follow at the conference.

After the action, a last conference session will follow to discuss about how to proceed with the outcomes of the conference, looking at:

  • How can the outcomes be communicated and implemented broadly?
  • What sort of campaigns could be constructive in order to achieve degrowth of aviation?
  • How can we cooperate and work together in the future?

Later on in the afternoon there will be an internal meeting for the members of the Stay Grounded Network.


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