Workshops on Aviation & Climate Justice

Do you want to know more about aviation and climate justice and organise an event on these issues? Stay Grounded’s got you covered!


Our dedicated multipliers are happy to give a free or donation-based workshop to learn about the importance of reducing air travel.

In our workshops   you’ll learn:

  • about the relationship between climate justice and aviation,
  • about aviation’s real climate impact,
  • about the aviation industry’s greenwashing strategies and how to counter them,
  • what a just transition of the aviation sector can look like and
  • how to take concrete first steps for reducing flights in your organisation.

@ Christine Tyler / Stay Grounded

The Stay Grounded Network has a pool of engaged multipliers, many of which are climate justice activists, all over Europe. They are are eager to receive requests for giving workshops, interviews or talks in English, Spanish, French and German on topics related to aviation and the climate (see detailed description below).

The workshops are principally free of charge or you can pay as you wish. That said, it is helpful to our multipliers if they receive compensation for travel costs and/or if you want to give a donation for their efforts.

If you are interested, just fill in the form below, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Aviation and Climate Justice

In this workshop you will learn about why reducing aviation is so closely linked to questions of climate justice. You will learn about facts, numbers and arguments that show the urgency – in our world in climate crisis – of reducing flights and staying grounded.


In this workshop, we will unveil the illusions the aviation industry creates to make us believe that green, sustainable flights are possible. We will discuss and reflect on greenwashing strategies in general and dive into the limits, possibilities and false promises of agrofuels, e-fuels, electric flights and offsetting – “false solutions” that distract us from the urgent need of reducing flights.

Just Transition

Jobs available in the aviation industry are set to shrink and workers need a “safe landing” – this means we also need a just transition for aviation workers. But how can we counter the misleading claim by the aviation industry that continuous growth is the only way to save jobs? In this workshop, we will take a look into the future: What would a transition to a new, greener and socially just mobility system look like? And what do climate activists need to know to join forces with workers and trade unions ?

Grounding Organisations

Are you part of a university, NGO or business that just need a little input to reflect on and change their travel practices? Then this workshop might be the right one for you. Business flights are a big part of many organisations’ carbon footprints and work to normalise excessive flying. This is why it is time to ground our organisations! You will learn about concrete steps to take and best practices that show you how to reduce flights at the institutional level.

Consultants Network

If you want to go beyond an introductory workshop by one of our multipliers and seek additional in-depth counselling for your organisation for reducing flights, check out our network of consultants. These consultants will not promote easy but ultimately unsustainable solutions such as offsetting. Instead, they will provide guidance for genuinely reducing emissions by targeting flying in organisations. They have experience in counselling on mobility issues and flight reduction in universities, NGOs and businesses. If you are interested in this network, just send an email to


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