Sep 10 2022


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Subvertisers International – Action Week Saturday 10th – Saturday 17th September 2022

Join the Subvertisers International network and Brandalism from the 10th – 17th September 2022 to stand up against airline and airport advertising. As Europe burns under an unprecedented heatwave, major polluters and their advertising agencies continue to promote and normalise high carbon lifestyles through carefully crafted adverts. Citizens, activists and artists around Europe will be taking action to call for a ban on advertising for fossil fuels, including ads for profiteering energy giants, airlines and massive status-symbol cars.

This is a broad call to action against advertising from big carbon polluters in which aviation is a key target – get involved doing whatever excites you or feels effective against ads for airports/airlines. This is timed to support the drive to gather signatures for the ECI petition to ban fossil fuel advertising. Actions can include: altering, replacing or removing corporate ads, hosting a community workshop, or organising a demonstration at an airport or advertising agency – whether your tactics are open or clandestine – get in on the action. A Toolkit for action can be found HERE with artwork available from early September.

For those in need of financial support to take action (e.g. printing subverts), you could consider applying for the Stay Grounded action pots.


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